professional landscaping

bush trimming

Char lawncare offers bush trimming services. Plants need to be trimmed in order to maintain their shape and to keep them from becoming overgrown. This process, when done correctly, allows for new, healthy growth. Properly pruned plants look better and live longer. Bushes should be trimmed multiple times a year to prevent over growth and to have the bush hold its size and shape. By consistently trimming bushes it causes the new growth to fill in gaps, creating a fuller stronger plant. CHAR Lawncare L.L.C. takes pride in all work performed, and will always focus on providing the highest qulity work we can for all customers.


Mulch helps slow moisture evaporation, so more water remains in the soil and available to thirsty plant roots. Mulch helps prevents weeds. A 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch naturally helps prevents weed from sprouting and taking over the landscape by blocking their growth and access to sunlight. 

The main reason why char lawncare L.L.C. recommends landscape fabric is to prevent weed growth. This ground cover prevents seeds underneath it from sprouting and growing. You won’t have weeds or the need to kill them with herbicides. It also helps keep the soil underneath the fabric moist because it prevents evaporation. Heavier fabrics can prevent soil erosion and washout, also.

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